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1 13-01-2021 Hearing held through video conferencing.

Shri Manish Taneja, SE for respondent CSPDCL.

Shri Pratish Goyal for respondent for Ms Shubh Minerals (P) Ltd.

2. Heard the parties.

3. It appears from the arguments and perusal of records that the respondent CSPDCL has sought Commission’s permission vide letter No. 02-05SE(HT)F-9731909 dated 23.11.2020 for sanction of additional 200 KVA (over and above existing 500KVA) load on 11 KV to Ms Shubh Minerals (P) Ltd.

4. According to the letter, Ms Shubh Minerals (P) Ltd. is CSPDCL HT consumer having contract demand of 500 KVA at 11 KV and they want to enhance load by 200 KVA for which an application has been filed to them.

5. CSPDCL submitted that at presently no 33 KV line exists nearby the consumer’s premises. Further, it would be difficult to lay 33 KV line due to Right of Way (ROW) problem mainly on account of involvement of forest and private land. Therefore, it would be difficult, presently, to lay 33 KV line.

6. As per clause 3.4 of the State Supply Code, 2011, the Voltage-wise minimum and maximum contract demand is normally as follows:

Supply Voltage Minimum Contract Demand Maximum Contract Demand
11 KV 60 KVA 500 KVA
33 KV 60 KVA 1500 KVA

However, the clause provides that because of technical reasons, the licensee may relax the provision after due approval of the Commission.

7. At the time of hearing, CSPDCL’s representative Shri Manish Taneja confirmed technical suitability of the load enhancement.

8. Considering the facts and submissions of the parties, we allow the request made by the CSPDCL through letter dated 23.11.2020.

9. Accordingly, this suo-motu petition is disposed off.
---- Disposed